Our exclusive, unique, six-axle, brand-new fleet offers the shipping of containers with a gross weight of 44 tons in a way that the overweight occurring on the so called pulling axis (axis B) of the 5-axle vehicles was eliminated by inserting the third spare axis (axis C).
Thus, with the use of our 3-axle tractors and 3-axle trailers, which are custom-made for us, we do not charge excessive overcharges, but we ship for FREE of charge, legally! The more axles the vehicle has, the less burden it has on the road, thus the deterioration and amortization of its condition is greatly reduced!
When placing our vehicles on the market, they get a so-called derogation permit, which is necessary to obtain the road transport operator's contribution to the overweight vehicle.

We can proudly say that all areas of our company are operating within the lawful and legal framework.
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