Our company has been providing a wide range of quality forwarding services for more than 27 years, which is continuously being expanded to meet the needs of our market and partners. We provide the following services

Average 2.5 year old vehicles

The youngest average age of our tractors and our special containerized semi-trailers guarantee the technical reliability, compliance with the required environmental considerations, and ...

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0-24 hours guarded site

The security of the vehicles and their cargo on our site is solved, since our site is operated by a continuous guarding service for 0 to 24 hours... 

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Overweight containers

Our exclusive, unique, six-axle, brand-new fleet offers the shipping of containers with a gross weight of 44 tons in a way that the overweight occurring on the so called pulling axis (axis B) of the 5-axle vehicles was eliminated by inserting the third spare axis (axis C)… 

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Pull-out undercarriage

The 45-foot container is becoming more and more important in the world's container traffic, requiring special vehicle combinations because the European traffic rules determine...

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Mega undercarriage

The so-called High Cube (HC) containers are also heavily involved in the container traffic, which requires a special recessed chassis due to the height of 2.95 m...

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Levelling, air suspension trailer

The axles of the trailers are sprung by means of an air spring, which is important for road maintenance, on the one hand, while on the other hand the loading technology is simple and easy to handle, since the height can be adjusted in both directions

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Short undercarriage

We have trailers that can be moved in several places, so we get a short undercarriage, so it's easy to pick up a truck's size...

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Semi-trailer with own aggregator

We also have great experience in the transport of refrigerated containers. Most trailers have a "cooling unit". Thus, our assemblies equipped with an aggregate can continually provide and maintain the required temperature of the goods...

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Transport of dangerous goods

According to the European Regulation on the Handling and Transport of Dangerous Goods (ADR) as well as the domestic and inland provisions supplementing it, our company is able to transport a full range of dangerous goods...

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Waste transport permit

Waste transport is subject to very strict European and domestic legislation. European legislation is based on the Basel Convention, which has been incorporated in the Hungarian Waste Management Act (HGT) ...

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Satellite navigation system(GPS)

Every vehicle has a GPS system with continuous online connectivity, so at any time of the day we have accurate information on the location and condition of the vehicles...

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DIDb card system – the reliable driver database

The DIDb system is an efficient and unique solution across Europe that focuses on key players in the success of freight transport, with drivers aiming at reducing their risks and losses...

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VGM / Verfied Gross Mass

In our Budapest basis, we can provide you a discounted opportunity for measure the containers which we transport, and at the same time to issue the Verifed Gross Mass (VGM) required by the SOLAS Convention.


Custom Services

You can simplify your own work by using our 2:1 service: road transport plus customs administration in one hand, in one progress.


Transport of animal by-products

For all shipments, there may be unusual, special goods that require special permits. Another special service of our company is based on which we have a license for the transport of animal by-products unfit for human consumption.

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