Our company puts a great emphasis on protecting the environment.
We are constantly watching to reduce carbon dioxide load as much as possible. During the operation of both motor vehicles and the site, we preferred the technical investments that serve the preservation of the environment. We consider it extremely important for the average age of our car fleet to work with 2.5 to 3 year old cars, so we constantly replace them with new ones, thus helping to protect our environment..

In addition, we place the same emphasis on environmentally conscious operation of our office and site. During the rebuilding of our site, we considered the most important use of solar energy as a priority, so we decided to set up the largest small household power plant allowed by law. The building protects the environment from solar radiation by 30 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, which has a beneficial effect to the atmosphere equivalent to the 1,500 woods.

The system on top of the building consists of 50,000 W / h peak power and 200 solar cells. By doing this, the plant's electricity demand is covered annually by 70% of solar energy. In the summer, most of the site produces over-energy, i.e. consumes less than it uses.

At the same time, the heat exchanger ventilation system is also connected to this, by which the ventilation of the offices is solved. This is a heat recovery ventilator that utilizes 96% of the heat generated by exhaust air to temper fresh air intake, which can reduce the heating energy requirement by 40-50%.

In summer and winter, the cooling and heating of intake air is solved by a refrigerator operating in the modern heat pump and two modern condensing boilers.
In the autumn-winter-spring operation, the pre-heating of the air was solved by collecting and extracting the air heated by the sun's rays on the huge roof surface of the insulated hall under the roof raft. This gives 12-14 degrees warmer air intake at sunshine, which reduces the energy consumption of offices by 40 to 80% in most of the year.

In the cloakroom and shower of the drivers, the majority of the high hot water demand is produced by the two solar collectors using solar energy.

The environmentally conscious approach is further strengthened by the operation of our own gas oil well, selective waste collection and the archiving of our documents electronically. We are delighted that, on the principle of environmental awareness, more and more Customers tell us the need to receive an electronic invoice.

Beta-Trans Plusz Kft.

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