Dear Business Partner,

I would like to draw your kind attention to the important changes from 1st January 2019 which is in connection with the transport fulfillment of our company.

Important changing from 2019

Dear Partners,

The surcharge is calculated for each calendar quarter, based on the average price of the diesel during 3 month prior to publication.Date of publication: 30 days before the start of validity

The source to use for the surcharge calculations is the gasoline fuel price as published by DG Energy and Transport of the European Comittee, you can dowload here:

The average diesel price for December 2021, Januar, Februar 477.- HUF / liter . Fuel surcharge for II.Q.2022.: 7 %

Fuel surcharge from 1st of Januar 2022, till 31.03.2022: 7 %

Based on average diesel price of 441.-HUF/liter for June, July, August. the fuel surcharge for 4Q2021 is: 4%

HUF/liter    Surcharge
494-550        9%
482-493        8%
472-482        7%
461-471        6%
450-460        5%
439-449        4%
428-438        3%
417-427        2%
406-416        1%
Basic preis  405 HUF
404-394          0%
393-383        -1%
382-372        -2%
371-361        -3%
360-350        -4%
349-339        -5%
338-328        -6%

The Brand Council Independent Organization was established in 1995 in Great Britain and now operates in around 90 countries around the world.

It is honouring for brands that have achieved outstanding success and are maintaining these exceptional results.

Beta-Trans Plusz Kft.

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